Thursday, November 17, 2011

Before the Doctor's Visit

If you live with MS, you will see the inside of a doctor's office more often than you might prefer. It is part of living with any chronic disease. My neurologist likes to see his patients at regular intervals and the longest I've gone between scheduled appointments was six months. Visits were much more frequent during the first year.

A positive benefit of having so many appointments is that I've developed a system of preparation which works well for my doctors and me. Ahead of time I create a “doctor visit sheet” on my computer which is then printed out to take to the appointment. It helps me to keep track of what's going on with my health, gives me a dated record, and helps my doctor in giving me the best care possible.

Creating the doctor visit file:

Using your word processing software, create a new file and label it with the name of the doctor and the date of the office visit, for example “Simsarian, 04 April 2011.” Save that file in a new folder labeled “Medical Visits.”

What information should I include on the doctor visit sheet?

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