Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pediatric MS: Resources for Kids, Teens, and Parents

Imagine that you are 8 years old, or maybe 15 years old, or the parent of a child who is 3 years old when he/she is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.  Where do you turn for information and support?

As we discussed last week, the National MS Society helped to establish the national Pediatric MS Centers of Excellence which provide diagnostic, treatment, and support services to children with MS or other related neurological disorders and their parents.

Beyond the medical care which you receive from a neurologist and staff, you will need resources aimed specifically at your needs.  How do you know what your needs will be? You probably don’t.

Please visit the post for links to various resources, including the collection of stories posted in the Pediatric MS section of Multiple Sclerosis Resource Centre's website.

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Pediatric MS: Resources for Kids, Teens, and Parents

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