Friday, August 20, 2010

Inspiration Afternoon

I felt like sharing something special today, but couldn't come up with my own topic upon which to write. One reason I believe I was drawn to music (or stayed connected to music) was that often no words are required. It's hard to believe but words do not come naturally to me. Sure I can conduct a brain-dump with the best of them, or research and share information in an educational way. But today none of that was coming to me.

Fortunately, I discovered this amazing horn player featured on one of my favorite horn-related blogs, Horn Matters. Then I proceeded to spend more than an hour listening to his work on YouTube. He is arranger, musician, and film maker. I hope you enjoy a few of his videos.

Tribute to John Williams for 12 Horns by Marc Papeghin

I couldn't embed it, but I recommend you watch French Horn Tribute to John Williams - Part V.

"Previously On...." A TV Theme French Horn Medley by Marc Papeghin

These are total fun and require no words. :)

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