Sunday, August 1, 2010

In Transition

We are getting new spiffy URL's for the blog which will be for the main Brass and Ivory and for the Carnival of MS Bloggers.

The transfer is in  transition and you might not be able to get to the blog directly from this post if you are reading in a feedreader.  Manually change the ".org" to "" and it will work for Brass and Ivory.  Likewise, make a similar change for the Carnival to go to the old address.

Soon this won't be a problem I hope.  However, I do notice that I've lost my "followers" on the sidebar.  I'm not sure how to fix that at the moment, and maybe it will fix itself when the transition is complete.  I don't know.

Please stay tuned and I hope to see you on the other side.  Thanks for reading!!


  1. For what it's worth you have been nothing but a page of script the last couple times I checked via your link on my blog. Today you are a 'page' again.Hurray!

    Caregivingly Yours, Patrick

  2. Yes, I was getting kinda worried there for a bit. I should not have posted this one post before Google/Enom made the switch complete. It confused things.

    I finally found the very simple fix (after getting completely confused about changing DNS settings and such, which I didn't need to do). And presto, chango, the blog is back!!

  3. I was a little puzzled yesterday as well but thanks for the heads up :D