Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Rainbow Connection

When planning to stop in Seattle before the cruise to Alaska, there were several things which I really wanted to do.  One of those was to meet with MS bloggers who live in the area.

Diane of A Stellarlife has already detailed the day we had, laughing, giggling, harassing each other with big smiles and kind eyes.  I had no idea until reading Diane's post that she had a difficult morning that day.  She didn't let on at all.  But then again, we were immediately laughing so much that anything which had happened up until that point didn't seem to matter much anyways.

Webster drove up from Tacoma, braving the traffic and distance to come meet.  When Webster arrived, it was amusing when this sweet lady walked around the corner into the Bistro area where Jen, her mother Mary, Rob, and I were already getting settled.  Amusing because she was recognizing and identifying Jen and myself.  I was thinking "is this Gretchen, Webster, Zoomdoggies or somebody else?  Please tell us soon who you are."

As soon as Diane came downstairs, the cameras and camcorders were brought out.  I shot a few short videos while observing the growing chaos, but since I did say that they wouldn't end up on the website, they won't.  And Webster, I still believe that your clip is one of the funniest of that introduction time.  "But you never know what we're going to say," says Webster.  So true, so true.

When Gretchen showed up, it was pretty exciting for me on a couple of levels.  Shortly after I first ever mentioned that I had both MS and RA, I received an email from Gretchen sharing that she too had both diseases.  Over the years now (I can hardly believe that it's really been years that I've known many of these folks online), Gretchen has provided lots of RA/MS support.  We even both use the same IV treatment, Rituxan, which is cool as it is not at all as common as some of the other RA drugs.

Jen of MS Strength was one of the MS bloggers I met in April at Joan's place in Delaware.  It was completely difficult to remember that this day in Seattle was only the 2nd time I had ever met Jen in person.  Very surreal to feel as though she lives across town and we've known each other for a long time.  And Jen, I so wanted to include the clip in which you stuck out your tongue, but I didn't.  Maybe next time.....

Along for the ride were Rob, my boyfriend, and Mary who is Jen's mother.  The four of us, plus Jen's friend Norene, later toured Seattle and boarded the cruise to Alaska on the next day.  There are so many stories to share about these adventures that I will save them for future posts.

However, before breaking up our meeting at Diane's place, Diane gave us all a special treat.  She sang a special rendition of "The Rainbow Connection."  I might be the only one who got it on film, so it must be included below.  Diane, you did such a wonderful job and I'm glad that we can share that with our wider MS blogging community.

Diane, your kind words to me as we were departing are very special and I thank you for those!!  Also, thanks for allowing a little hug.  We can leave the kisses to Jen.  She's good with the smootches apparently.  ;)

The Rainbow Connection and MS Bloggers Meet in Seattle

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  1. I was smiling throughout. Thank you.

  2. I am so glad you captured Diane singing "The Rainbow Connection" for posterity. So glad. Thanks Lisa.

    The only downside of the day was that we ran out of time. Coming back anytime soon? :-)

  3. I can't believe it. I spent sooo much time and money on my %^&* camcorder and you sat there just holding something as big as 1/2 deck of cards (if that)...arrgggh. I bow to you. What a small world---you and Gretchen! I met her a year ago via Craig's List. Can't wait to read how the rest of your trip went. PS---I meant every word.

  4. Hi Lisa
    I wrote my longest comment yet, only to have it disappear vs post. I'm copying this one, just in case it happens again. I am so glad you got the singing on video, as I missed it.

    Diane..We will have to figure out how to record and post with your video camera. Maybe when we get together to discuss the walking quest. Since we were supposed to do that a year ago when I first contacted you.

    Jen and Webster, it was wonderful to meet you both. Your blogs mean so much more to me, now that I have a face and personality to put with what I'm reading!

    I hope we can all get together again soon, even if our East Coast friends can't come
    Take care all Gretchen

  5. Hi

    I've been following the links to and from all of the blogs writing about the meet up, and I enjoyed reading and seeing the photos....but this video, I must tell you brought tears to my eyes.

    Thank you, what an inspiration!!

  6. It was wonderful to see Diane's singing =) and see everyone!

    Thanks for sharing!