Saturday, June 26, 2010

Back Home and Asleep

Finally home from a 10-day trip to Seattle and beyond.  There is so much to tell about what occurred during this trip that I will have to share each story one at a time.  Trust me, there is lots to share.

Now that I'm home, I've been downloading photos and videos onto my computer and sleeping for most of today.  I also note that a couple posts I had scheduled to go up while I was gone did not post.  So several are going out today, but with their intended date marked.  ;)

On the trip, I got to meet several wonderful individuals in Seattle and on the "Cruise for a Case" organized by the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation.  This cruise went up to Alaska and made a stop in British Columbia.  Lots of photos will come later.

One of many highlights of the trip included meeting other MS bloggers in Seattle.  Diane of A Stellarlife hosted a gathering and even serenaded us with a special rendition of "Rainbow Connection."  After putting together a brief video of the event, I will post it tomorrow. 

So many MS bloggers were met on this trip.  So much great scenery.  And much more great company.  More information to come!

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