Saturday, June 12, 2010

Life Interrupted: Interview with Author Chris Tatevosian

What happens when life is interrupted by chronic illness or disability?  Illness affects not only the individual but also their loved ones, and this often puts stress on one's relationship.

Chris Tatevosian is a man living with multiple sclerosis, a man whose illness killed a relationship, and a man who found love again.  After writing his book, Life Interrupted, It's Not All About Me, Chris's purpose in life has become a ministry providing awareness and support for individuals to deal more positively with the stresses illness brings.

To listen to a recent interview with Chris at, follow the links below or go here.

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“You have to think harder to think things through but it CAN be done, you can’t just give up & get depressed lay in bed for the rest of your life..”
– Chris Tatevosian

How Chris came to write his book, overcoming the stress & anxiety, depression, and the "poor me" attitude caused by his chronic illness. And how you have to think of the loved ones around you.

“You have to be conscious of what you do & say… it’s difficult enough for your spouse and family members to watch you struggle… there’s nothing they can do about it.. but you can’t just let that misery be taken out on them..” – Chris Tatevosian

“To be honest I think this book applies not only to people with chronic illness but most of us who don’t have a chronic illness.. we act the same way…like spoilt brats we feel the world should do what we want.” – Naren, CEO & President of

The fears Chris faced: meeting a woman, never having a purpose again, possibility of having to move into a nursing home. Also, where you can purchase Chris book, and about his talk-show Winning Life through Pain.

“I asked Jane, why would you even consider dating someone with MS? It’s like buying a vase with a hole on the bottom and her response was…” – Chris Tatevosian

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