Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Vienna Horns Release a New CD

A friend on Facebook linked to the following video on YouTube. This is amazing!

The sound of these horn players (and their horns) makes my heart grow about 2 sizes within my chest. I love it!!

I was not aware of this ensemble and their previous CDs, but my reaction is similar to the one I had when I first heard "The London Horn Sound" CD which came out a decade ago. Enjoy this excerpt:


  1. Thank you for sharing that Lisa, it was beautiful.

  2. Just what I needed this morning! I have not heard Jurassic Park theme for quit awhile and this was a very moving version.

    I visited their site and spent the next 20mins looking up Vienna horns (not an instant google find what your looking for thing) - who new - now I even know what a pumpenvalve is LOL.

    thanks even though I am rushing to get ready for class now.



  3. I'm glad you ladies liked it. ;)

    The Vienna horn (mit pumpenvalve) creates a particularly warm sound. The way the instrument is wrapped and use of the double-cylinder piston valve create very smooth lines for the airflow.

    Sorry, I should have provided a brief explanation for why the horns looked different than ones played here. They're interesting to look at, too.