Monday, March 15, 2010

The Boys, Like Brothers

Looking Outside at the Sunshine:

I really like this picture of Pippin and Oscar looking outside the front door at the big wide world. It was taken just this past week. Thankfully they've gotten along pretty well right from the beginning when Oscar joined our family last year.

On March 18, Pippin and Musette turn two years old. We'll just call this Oscar's birthday as well. I never thought that I would have a house of three cats, but they are lots of fun and good companions. Each has their own personality and preferences.

If you'll notice Oscar's tail in this photo (he's the gray one), it is crooked near the end. I'm fairly positive that he broke his tail at some point during his days living on the street. In fact, the day I brought him inside his tail was bloody, from what I don't know.

A few days ago I was in the kitchen cutting up some roasted chicken for dinner. I took a piece to give to Oscar who is always ready for a treat anytime food is involved. He doesn't always get something, but tuna and chicken are allowed.

When I reached down to offer the piece of chicken, I noticed that he didn't stretch too far to get it. That's when I realized that I was standing partially on his tail!! Neither he nor I knew that I had his tail pinned to the tile. Yikes!!

My foot is numb and I've suspected that his tail might be numb too. Now we know that it must be. I've got to be more careful around him. The other kitties would certainly hiss and hollar if I stepped on them, but Oscar is so quiet and seemingly tough.

I guess I need to go back to watching where my feet go when I move around as I know that I've accidentally walked into Pippin who races me to the kitchen. Basically, I'm not seeing much in my lower right peripheral vision, the side of my body which seems to be increasingly numb lately.

Oscar and me - we slightly disabled creatures - need to watch out for each other, literally, so that we don't cause further damage to our bodies or egos.

Fortunately, my kitties are a rather forgiving bunch. A little blessing indeed as we all look forward to Spring. I'll be looking out the windows this week too.


  1. Sweet story Lisa.

    Last year I chose my cat, Jake, when I learned he had been a practice cat at a vet school. Having felt a bit practiced on and handled by the medical system, I felt a kinship to him. He's quite particular about being touched and will let you know it but also has moments of affection. Perfect.

    Sound like you've got some great company too.

  2. such a cute story and an adorable picture!! I have 5 cats, and although they can be a handful, I love them to death.