Tuesday, March 2, 2010

MS Education and Awareness Month

What would you want to the world to know about MS and its effects on how you live your life?

That is the MS Question of the Week at HealthCentral...

It is March!! National Multiple Sclerosis Education & Awareness Month in the United States.

Of course, we who have MS are aware of our disease on a very personal level every month of the year. Those around us may be aware of MS through witnessing its affect in our lives. But the general public may not be aware nor educated in what MS is and what it can do to those who have it or who care for someone who has it.

The theme which the MS Foundation has chosen this year is "Ready, Set, Shine" and they've challenged us to move outside our "comfort zone." Doesn't have to be far outside the zone; the idea is to challenge yourself and perhaps try something new.

Read this post in its entirety and answer the question:

MS Question of the Week - Awareness!!

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