Sunday, January 10, 2010

Question on In-Home Personal Training for MS Patients

I received an email from a man (Rob) whose wife has MS. He is currently conducting research on the necessity of personal training for MS patients, specifically into the idea of developing an in-home, personal training practice specializing in MS patients.

I've said before that I thoroughly appreciate and enjoy the specialized attention I have received in physical therapy. I've read of other MSers who have trainers who come to their homes for sessions and they seem to really like that arrangement. Some folks like Diane even have volunteers come in to help them in achieving their mobility goals.

Rob has built an anonymous survey consisting of 4 questions to help him understand if there is a need for this type of service. I took the survey which is simple and completely anonymous. I'm even including the questions below for you to preview (please answer them in the survey).

These questions are obviously geared toward market research, but I respect that someone is looking into the idea of in-home personal training designed specifically for MS patients. I once told a friend that this would be something special if a pharma company or other group were to sponsor this type of service for patients at no, or low cost. Now THAT would be something practical and useful.

1. If available, would you consider using the services of a certified personal trainer, who specializes in working with MS patients, to enhance your physical and mental strength?
  • Yes
  • No
2. What would you consider to be a fair price for a 50 minute training session that was in your home, once per week, and that provided an independent & customized plan for the remainder of the week?
  • Less than $40
  • $41-$50
  • $51-$60
  • $61 or more
3. If this service were available to you today, would you schedule an appointment? If you answer "no," please provide a brief explanation on what, if anything, would change your mind?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Other (please specify)
4. Which answer best describes your current physical condition?
  • Able to walk unassisted
  • Able to walk assisted (cane, walker, etc.)
  • Use of a wheel chair some or all of the time
  • Complete dependence upon a wheelchair
  • None of the above (please describe below)
  • Other (please specify)
Rob, I hope that you get many responses and good luck in your endeavors. It is great when individuals identify a need and find a way to satisfy that need for others. Good luck.


  1. Lisa, I took the survey and if Teva threw in a trainer once a week I'd even take Copaxone again! Cost will be the is issue since ins. won't pay except a few PT visits by pros, but someone starting out or just a freakin' BODY to help me, what price would I put on walking again, just a few steps with a walker?? I'll freakin' put ypur kids through college.

  2. I took the survey because I would be willing to pay some one to keep me motivated and encouraged. Just started new round of PT. She gives "homework" that I have difficulty doing. Maybe a personal traner would be helpful. I would love to know the results of the questionnaire.