Monday, January 18, 2010

Helpful Tips for those with RA or MS

A new post is up at MyRACentral discussing some helpful tips when you have RA. The suggestions can equally apply to folks who have MS. Please head on over to read and add your own suggestions.

Prescription Medications

1. Ask for easy-to-open medication bottles. Prescription bottles can be difficult to manage when you have RA hands. If you have trouble removing childproof lids on prescription bottles, ask your pharmacist to replace them with easy-to-open lids. These will take much less effort to open and put less strain on delicate hands and fingers. However, if you have children in the house, you will need to be especially careful to store your medications in a place which is safely out of children’s access.

2. Organize medications in daily and weekly containers. Go a step beyond the easy-to-open lids and organize your medications in weekly containers, the molded plastic type which are available at most pharmacies or discount stores. These containers with snap-lock hinged lids come in 7-compartment, 14-compartment, or even 28-compartment configurations. You can choose one day a week during which to fill the compartments with your medications and not have to open those tricky childproof lids for another week.

Read this post in its entirety:

10 Things to Do to Help Ease Your RA


  1. The pill container helps big time, I don't have to try and remember if I took my drugs.


  2. Changing my home lighting did a lot to help with my MS. I did a lot of dietary changes a while back and now have realized that environmental changes are the next piece of the puzzle. I work for ChiliTechnology, so bought a ChiliPad which has done wonders. It's a mattress pad that heats or cools the bed to any temperature you set between 48 and 118 degrees.