Monday, November 16, 2009

Welcome to the MS Blogging Community

MS Day Dreamer
An ordinary person, an ordinary day dreamer, who happens to have MS.
From what I read, I'm lucky. I'm not seriously impacted, I have some annoying symptoms but I can live with that. From the way my Dr talks that may be all i have for a long long time. He seems to think that today's newly diagnosed patients aren't as apt to suffer all the severe symptoms and disabilities as those that have had the disease for a long time, and/or haven't taken any of the meds to prevent things from getting worse. yet, I don't find anyone like me online. maybe that is because the ones that are writing blogs and sharing their stories have more to say because they are more affected. maybe the people like me are busy living their lives and working and don't have the time or energy to share their stories.

Healthy, Happy, and Enabled
The adventures of Lewis - an explorer, mountaineer, marathoner and marine - as he continues his journey through life with MS
Lew is still the amazing person now that he was in the past. Even with all the problems that MS brings, we continue to search for new activities and places to visit. Our idea for this blog is to share the places we have found that are good for a slow-walking, wheelchair-adverse person. We also want to find new places, see how Lew does and share what we find.

Along the way we hope tolearn and have fun. We hope to connect with those who are disabled and need encouragement. We hope to reach caretakers and provide and receive advice. We hope to share the sadness, frustration and confusion of this disease, too. We like the immediacy and effectiveness of pictures and videos, and will use them here.

Mind Sprints
Brief forays into uncharted gray matter. Beware rough terrain caused by multiple sclerosis wrecking crew.

Since reaching the maturity of (gasp) middle age, I’ve become a worst case scenario person. I imagine every possible bump in the road and those outcomes I can’t control, I worry about. If there is a life lesson MS is trying to teach me, it is the need to deal with uncertainty with grace. Everybody’s future is up in the air; for those with MS, it’s just a little more iffy.

Freckled Face Mama's Recipes
Gluten free, dairy free, soy free, meat free (except fish) egg free, sometimes nightshade free and little-to-no sugar recipes.
I'm just an average girl/woman/mama trying to make life for me, and my family of five, happy and healthy. I write because I enjoy it, but if anything I write about is helpful, or at least entertains, I feel my blogs are worth it. The recipes I create are for the unique diets we must follow to maintain our optimal health. I have Multiple Sclerosis, my eldest daughter has Celiac Disease, and the rest of the family has various food intolerances. All the hard work is worth it because it works for us and makes our bellies and our souls happy. The most important thing in life is family and happiness.

Thanks for joining the MS Blogging Community and for sharing your stories.

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