Sunday, November 29, 2009

Home from the Cold

I'm finally home!! The beach weather was mostly gray, cold, and depressing this past week. However, the sun did come out to play a bit on Friday and then truly showed up on Saturday (the day we hit the road to come back home).

Friday, we drove up from Ocean City, MD, to Lewes, DE. In Lewes we got out and walked along a small public beach. The wind was something fierce and the cold was bitter. It was crazy that we found a couple of guys wind-surfing in the bay.

Simple scarf and gloves was not quite enough to battle the cold wind, so I had to get creative. Standing out in the wind, I attempted to wrap my scarf around my head and then used an ear-warmer band to hold it on while also trying to cover my ears. Let's just say that I felt ridiculous as the wind kept pulling stuff out of my hands while I was attempting to accomplish this task. I wasn't about to take my gloves off to make it any easier though.

After a nice walk on the beach watching the ferry go across the bay and watching the windsurfer pictured above, the very first piece of beach treasure was located on the walk back to the car. I was scanning the sand furiously looking for something not in the shape of a shell or rock.

Rob and I spotted it at approximately the same time, but he mentioned it first. Yippee!! My very first piece of seaglass found on a beach. Thank you Lewes, DE. And then after getting back in the car, Rob took a quick photo to document the scarfy silliness. Now doesn't that look like a happy, yet cold, person?

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  1. Adorable! Looks like you had fun. I think if you had ventured on the Lewes ferry we could have met you in Cape May. Next time!

    : )