Tuesday, November 10, 2009

FDA, Social Media, and Pharma Ads

I’m looking for your thoughts and opinions on a matter which may directly impact us as patients and the manner in which we get information. This Thursday and Friday (November 12-13, 2009), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is holding a public hearing “on how pharmaceutical companies use the web and social-media tools to market their products - the first step to providing guidelines around this type of marketing. Sixty-two speakers from pharmaceutical companies, media companies, agencies, and others have been asked to give their viewpoints.”

I’ve been following the lead-up to this event fairly closely as the CEO of HealthCentral, Chris Schroeder, will be speaking during two sessions. HealthCentral is even hosting cocktails after the first day of hearings. (invitation seen here) Have I ever mentioned that I live only about 4 miles from HealthCentral's Arlington, VA, offices? I do, although I've still not been over there to check things out in person.

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FDA, Social Media, and Pharmaceutical Advertising

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