Friday, April 17, 2009

Today, a day in the life

Yes, it's 12:15AM on Friday. Where does the time go?

Well today, it was spent getting up somewhat leisurely around 9AM, checking the abundance of email and alerts to Twitter followers I received, trying to cram reading a few blogs in before I had to get ready to leave.

Daily (almost) after my morning shower (which sometimes happens in the afternoon), I inject the holy water of Copaxone. Today was one of those days. Well, actually EVERY day is supposed to be the day, but I'll admit that I've missed a few in past 3.5 years of injections. Today's shot was amusing as I hit a vein in my thigh.

As soon as the needle was withdrawn, blood spurted straight out and spun in the air like a rhythmic gymnast's ribbon toward the ground. On the way down, some of it hit my shin, more hit my foot, and the rest landed on the bathroom floor. I moved quickly to stop the overflow with a cotton ball, but the blood was moving faster than I was.

So after laughing at the ridiculousness of the spurts of bright red fluid, I prepared to go to my physical therapist's office. Today was less a session and more an opportunity to "work out" on her equipment. See.....she is working with me in a transition period, going from the safe and supervised environment to the big, scary adult world of the county recreation center. Honestly, I'm finding it less scary and awkward the more times I go. Yeah me!!

After working out on the machines, including a 3-mile bike ride, Val (my PT) ordered me to the treadmill to walk. Less order, but more direction. Surprise her I did by helping myself on the treadmill and getting started.

"Look everybody, I teach her how to use the machines and she goes off without me."

Typically, nobody uses the treadmill alone for safety reasons and I've come to appreciate ready access to a chair for those legs which are getting just a mite bit too wobbly from the exertion.

Today was a special day at the PT office because another MS patient facilitated a group meeting which focused on Exercise, Diet, and MS. It appears that we women (who all seek Val's strict guidance and support) will be forming a support group. Of those in attendance, I am by far the most mobile as some use a wheelchair exclusively and others use walkers.

One topic discussed was how exactly do you stay fit, perhaps lose weight, and work on cardiovascular health when MS places challenges and barriers in your way. This is something I need help with as I've got a substantial amount of weight to lose and would love to make that 3-mile bike ride into 5-miles (as a short-term goal). I think it would be nice to be able to walk 2 miles out in the real world. And, heck, while we're talking about it, how about lose 1/4 of my current body weight. That would be a long-term goal after which a reevaluation would need to occur.

The meeting went until 3PM and I needed to rush home. Shorting after getting home, I began the rest of my work day with rehearsals for students who are performing in the Solo and Ensemble Festival this saturday and next saturday. Rehearsals lasted until about 6:20pm at which time I was completely wiped out, non-communicative, not interested in "what would you like for supper" discussion, or any other human discussion.

So I checked emails again, composed an email to a friend, closed my eyes and tried to drift off. By about 7:30PM, I felt ALMOST human again, just in time to eat the tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches which my Mom made for us. Thanks Mom. :) We watched Jeopardy followed by Survivor, while I checked in on some blogs (not really taking the time to comment on any one, sorry).

Helped the sweetie drop his car off for servicing tomorrow, stopped for a gallon of milk on the way home (as I didn't have time to go to the grocery store after PT), and made it back in the house shortly after 10PM. Crashed on the couch, tried to catch up with more emails, Twitter, and read more blog posts. Yes, I actually do try to read everybody of whom I'm "following" and then some more on top of that. Answered a few questions at HealthCentral, then....

Watched the news. Jay Leno came on. Decided to go upstairs and had a kitten eagerly follow me. Took care of the face and contacts, got read for bed, and the other kitten ran into the bedroom hoping for a nightly treat. Couldn't leave his sister out of the routine so called her. She came barrelling into the room and onto the bed so fast that if you blinked, you would have missed it.

So two treats each. Yum!! Open the computer back up. More reading, then decided to write this post. Didn't really have a good idea what I would say, but just started anyway. No goal. No clear beginning, nor clear end. Just random talk.

It is now 12:50AM and I think that I'm finally getting a little sleepy. Insomnia has been plaguing me recently and messing with my daytime fatigue levels. Damn stress, darn emotions, and dang being too busy to get on top of things.

So with that, I'll end this note. Tomorrow is another day, quite busy actually (again). Saturday morning I will accompany and cheerlead almost a dozen young musicians at Solo Festival. Then rush off to attend an early afternoon wedding in downtown DC. Maybe after that, I'll finally get to crash again. But how in the world will I ever catch up.

Such has been my life for the past month, it seems. Need more time, or need less to read. Goodnight, it's 12:55AM now. Signing off.


  1. Yesterday's entry on bowel dysfunction was interesting, but today's was all about YOU. I like reading about you, and would love to read more entries like this one.

    I also commend you on being so proactive with the exercise routine. You are so right to be doing it while you still can. You will see faster results, and won't just be doing damage control - which is where I am right now. Have fun with it - soon you will be walking outside when Spring finally arrives.

  2. oooooo....tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. Aren't moms the best?

  3. I was up as well....Too bad: we could have had a nice chat...I've been sneaking into the Klonopin supply as of late to help send me into that "good night.."

    Volunteering at the MS Walk in Seaside Heights, NJ on Sunday. Hope we can get ourselves up and out!...

    'Bye-'bye Lisa...

  4. Your exercise program and PT seem to be working out real well. Isn't it great when somebody believes you can do more than sit on the couch.
    I'm enjoying my exercise increase but I haven't been able to do the treadmill without Mark being home and he never is. LOL

  5. I'm with you, I'm not against you...or better yet, I can SO relate. Unfortunately. I finally had to let go of feeling guilty about not leaving my "witty" (or is that an "sh" instead of a "w"?) comments on other's blogs for the time being. I can't keep up...plain and simple.

    So, no worries about YOU reading/not reading, commenting/not commenting...everyone knows you are around! Take some time for yourself and enjoy the ride.

  6. Well that all sounds good. Being busy is better than being bored. And it all sounds like stuff that will lead you to better tomorrows!

    Sunshine and rainbows for you! :-) - Sorry that's my own insomnia talking...It is 3am here and I'm still awake...

  7. I agree with Webster -- I enjoy reading about the day to day seemingly insignificant matters that add up to one day in the life of one MS patient -- you.

    The details may differ, but we relate in a big way!