Thursday, April 2, 2009

Announcements and Welcomes

BigJen is taking a poll on her blog. Please stop by and answer two simple questions:
1. What month were you born in?
2. Does anyone else in your family have MS?

Anne of Disabled NOT Dead has reopened her blog. However, the URL has been slightly altered. Please make the appropriate change in your blogroll and help to spread the word.

New link:


Welcome new MS blogger, Robert, whose blog is titled The Gifts of MS. Here is a portion of a post which I found spoke to me: Clarity.

Now, let me begin by saying clearly, without hesitation or qualification, that I have no desire whatsoever to be disabled, laid up, or otherwise sidelined by The Disease.
What I would like, though, is either to be clearly well enough to go about my business unhindered, or clearly sick enough to say unapologetically that I need some time off.

Instead, I'm living in a puddle of uncomfortable indeterminacy, "sort of" able to function just fine, but simultaneously "sort of" not able to function well, sometimes on the edge of functioning not at all.

And for my convenience, I find myself completely incapable of explaining exactly what's wrong.
Rest the rest of his post here.

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  1. Thank You Lisa for the mention. Hopefully folks will see it and come on by.