Thursday, April 30, 2009

Calling on Creative Minds

Cathy at Navigating the Journey of MS has asked us to do some brainstorming. Apparently she believes that there are those of us who are creatively-minded. But, of course, she is correct. Here's what she's looking for:

Attn: Creative people

I am looking to add a few new shirts to my product line.... I am looking for a few good and clever MS ( Multiple Sclerosis) related sayings to put on shirts.

I want to have a contest so my readers can vote on them and the winner or winners will receive a free shirt. Sound good?

So if you are one of those creative and clever people who would like to win this contest, ( for bragging rights, of course) please email any ideas to

I have a few ideas but I would love your input. A few rules...Nothing religious, nothing political, nothing racist and no swear words (or keep it to a minimum) LOL

Thanks for your help. I know some of you are very creative so let's get that the creative side of our brain going! Rah rah rah!

Cathy of

On a related note, Todd of Art2Shirt has made available the first of the Artists with MS series of T-shirts. You may recall that he was still looking for additional artists to feature.

See Artists with MS, A T-shirt Fundraiser for NMSS for more information.

Thanks to all of the creative MSers out there. We make a great community.


  1. Lisa,

    Thanks for posting this info for me.

  2. I look "so good" because MS is not a disease of the face.

    MS = Mind Sparkles

    "MS? You mean I'm not just lazy?"

    Julie Baker

  3. Do you need any graphic design help?