Friday, January 23, 2009

What Will Tomorrow Bring?

Those of us who live with multiple sclerosis, day in and day out, know that our abilities may dramatically change at any time. That’s the reality of living with a faulty electrical system. If there’s a “short in the cord,” the electrical message isn’t going to get through.

Don’t you just sometimes wish that we lived in one of those sci-fi movies, like The Terminator, where a liquid metal body is capable of repairing itself. How cool would that be?

Imagine this scenario involving a minor failure in the central nervous system -

“Houston, we have a problem. Minor breach in the myelin sheath at level C5 right side of the spinal column.”

Houston: “Fear not, CNS control. We’ll send in the liquid myelin repair team. You’ll be patched up and ready to roll in ten.”

“Hey, I see them comin’ towards the spinal cord, now. Thanks so much, Houston.”

Besides the issue of whether our nerves are going to hold up, there’s the uncertainty of being a reliable source of whatever it is that gives you a sense of accomplishment or helps you to be a contributing member of society.

Fortunately, many people living with MS continue to be gainfully employed and manage to have a fulfilling family and social life. There’s nothing in the MS Manual that says you must immediately give up these activities and goals upon diagnosis.

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What Will Tomorrow Bring?

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