Thursday, January 22, 2009

Peering Into the Tarot Cards: A Future Unknown

What were the first thoughts which came to mind when you were newly-diagnosed or not-yet-diagnosed - Will I die from MS or end up in a wheelchair? Is there a cure for MS?

Terminal vs. Chronic

A diagnosis of multiple sclerosis is unlike one for cancer. In breast cancer, for instance, the patient is able to “beat cancer” and live on free of that disease. MS can not be ‘beaten’ but the symptoms can be managed. This is one reason to have an excellent relationship with a neurologist who specializes in MS and encourages team participation in managing MS head-on.

Except in a very rare form of the disease which affects only 1% of all MS sufferers, multiple sclerosis is not a fatal disease. The MS patient has close to the same life-expectancy as does someone without MS. Please keep in mind, however, that the complications which come with having MS may contribute to an earlier decline in health. Again, stay with a good doctor and keep as active and healthy as possible.

Wheelchair or Not

Statistically, only about 25% of persons with MS will need a wheelchair full-time. That means 75% of MS patients will not end up in a wheelchair. That’s really a comforting statistic.

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