Saturday, January 3, 2009

Welcome to the Mini Mii

It is with great sadness that I must admit - this blog has a competitor. Physical therapy has taken up some time and energy, as have social activities over the holidays.

But the one thing which just might pull me away from the computer, and hence the blogosphere, is my newest toy. Yes, that's right. I've dipped into the world of Wii.

I even created my own mini Mii today.

It's sad though.

When you set-up your mini self, and go through the profile stuff, the image of Mii adjusts itself to your weight.

Yikes. Didn't expect to see my Mii plump up so. lol.

So if you're wondering where I'm at... I could be playing games.

To my fellow Wii-ians, I'll see you on the skyslopes.


  1. I have been playing on the Wii fit over at my friends house. It amazes me how hard it is to just stand there and try and balance in the basic easy yoga sets LOL

    I fall boom. I did notice it really did help me. I was getting about better and felt better.

    This cold I have is keeping from going over there and playing.

    I so wish I could afford one of these. Have fun with it but keep blogging

  2. Hehe...competition is good. I think somebody important said that once!

    Well, Wii away, my friend (not to be confused with that "in the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight...weemaway a weemaway" song!)

    Glad you are having fun...

    Linda D. in Seattle

  3. so cool! Cro and I both would like to have Wii Fit for our Wii. I've only talked us out of it because there is no way I will be able to handle the games that require balance (I have none). Cro claims there are more than just balance games though, and I keep hearing such good things about it ... maybe it will go back on the wish list. :) Let us know how you like it!

  4. The Wii will totally suck your time away - but it's sooooo much fun! Try the soccer ball game and the hula hoop = it's even funnier if people are around to laugh at you!!! Enjoy!

  5. I'm envious! I like to play Wii at my friend's (bowling and golf.) I opted to make my mini mii the complete opposite of who I am-- my friend's kids get a kick out of Uniqua- haha!

  6. Love the Wii! Have fun. I'm jealous:) Don't worry about plumpness. Doesn't the tv add 10 lbs?


  7. I got a Wii fit for Christmas. Every time I do the fitness test it makes me a year older .I was 61 today !

  8. The kids LOVE the Wii... I don't dare try it because I suck at video games.

  9. We just got a Wii, too, and need to invest in Wii Fit. So far we're having a blast with the sports package. My favorite part is watching my 4 year old box. It's hysterical.


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