Saturday, November 29, 2008

Seafood on Turkey Day, Waves on the Beach

Thankgiving Day has passed. You are invited to read about a few things for which I am thankful.

My little brother turned 36, so he's practically almost 40 now. lol.

I spent the week at Bethany Beach in Delaware, relaxing in a house owned by one of my piano families. Thank you Shannon.

What a luxury to be in a home large enough to sleep a dozen individuals comfortably and out-fitted with an elevator. Spacious, organized, quiet, and calm. Very good for the soul.

On Wednesday, my Sweetie and I walked down to the beach and looked for unusual shells, sanddollars, sea glass, smooth rocks, etc. We didn't find anything quite as unique as the horseshoe crab shell which was sitting on the beach house porch or the beautiful array of seaglass sitting in the family's bookcase.

We did find some interesting specimens and the most beautiful (when wet) black rocks. It was great fun watching the tide come in, with the increasingly large waves crashing before reaching the shoreline.

The day before, when we drove to Rehobeth Beach, we saw several surfers and boogieboarders catching some waves. Oooooh...cold!!!

Walking in the sand really put my legs to the test. I tried to stay on the harder, flatter sand but of course that was difficult to do. I got so very tired and the walk back to the beach house was excruciating. Each step was like hauling 100 lbs through quicksand.

When we reached the street, I found a bench to sit upon and wait for some feeling to return to my thighs, then my knees, and finally my calves (sorta). My Sweetie offered to go get the car, but I thought that walking on a flat surface for a few blocks might help relax the muscles. It did somewhat.

Waking up on Thursday, my calves were so incredibly spastic. If I hadn't experienced similar intense cramps before, I would have been crying from extreme pain and frustration. But being an experienced and knowledgeable MSer, I took it all in stride (while taking some extra Baclofen and trying gentle stretches).

The legs decided to cooperate enough to carry me, with my Sweetie, to enjoy a seafood Thanksgiving dinner in Ocean City. Even today those calves are still very sore and stiff, but it was well worth it to walk along the beach so close to the waves, enjoying the solitude and calm.

I think I'd choose to spend the week of Thanksgiving at the beach again in the future. That was very relaxing and I feel rejuvenated.


  1. Seafood for Thanksgiving is the best! Sounds like a great Thanksgiving.

  2. Your Thanksgiving sounds like it was marvelous, aside from the muscle spasms. The house, the walk on the beach, seafood for dinner... it all sounds marvelous.

    Several nights ago I experienced some that were equally intense. I downed a bunch of baclofen and tried to walk them out. I had to be very careful because it seemed like my leg was going to "give out" under me. After awhile, and a few glasses of water, I went to bed and they relaxed. But in the AM my leg hurt like hell.

  3. Sounds wonderful!! The beach.....sigh.