Thursday, November 6, 2008

MS - Types, Apologies, and Canes

Some excerpts from pieces I've written recently for The Health Central Network. Please come on over the read. Don't be hesitant to join the conversation.

What Type of MS are You?
About 85% of people are initially diagnosed with Relapsing-Remitting MS which is characterized by unpredictable, but clearly defined, attacks of deficient neurological function. During these attacks (relapses, exacerbations, flare-ups), new symptoms appear or existing symptoms become more severe, after which there may be partial or complete recovery (remission).

Benign MS is a subset of RRMS which is characterized by very mild and infrequent relapses. Recovery from attacks is complete without accumulated worsening of neurological function. Approximately 15-20% of people with MS have this form of the disease. Benign MS can only be identified when there is minimal disability 10-15 years after onset and tends to be associated with less severe symptoms at onset (e.g. sensory or sight).
I'm So Sorry - Economy, Multiple Sclerosis, and Friendship
Sometimes don't you just find yourself apologizing repeatedly? Living with MS can be difficult when you are forced to face the Economy while facing the effects of MS itself. Read this short post to see what some other folks are going through.
Paging Gimp Lisa - Your Party is Waiting at the Farthest Baggage Carrousel, Move Quickly
Things I learned on a recent trip to Orlando -

- Use the cane even if you are feeling good. The extra support will pay off later, I promise.
- Inform those who make your travel arrangements, that you are mobility-impaired so that you’re not expected to be a quick as “regular” folks.
- Traveling alone and depending upon others to take care of you can be exhausting.


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