Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New Blogs - New Blogs

Welcome the following ladies to the MS Blogger community!!

Penelope says, "I am a author and artist living with Multiple Sclerosis, MS for short. I am currently in a clinical trial for fingolimod, which is a pill. I like helping people and making people laugh. I started this blog to talk about my experiences with MS and the study as well as the daily trials and tribulations of living with MS."


Tracy says, "This Is Who I Am...Or Is It Who I Want You To Think I Am?  A little bit of ramblings, mixed with a shot of crazy, add three kids and one wonderful husband, and an illess. Oh and sarcasm, lots and lots of sarcasm!"

Many of you have already met Tracy on the 'Short Bus' over at BrainCheese's place.  But I hope now that Tracy just might add Brass and Ivory to her little ol' blogroll for my re-announcing her.  :)

P.S.   If you are reading this, please consider writing something in a post and linking to Brass and Ivory.   (It helps boost Technorati authority which helps to keep our community higher on the Healthcare100 - Top Blogs list.)


  1. Hehe...Tracy was just BEGGING to be spanked!

    And, BTW, you do a FAR BETTER job of keeping us all informed of new meat in the market than I do...thank goodness. :-)

    Linda D. in Seattle

  2. Thank you very much for the welcome! It's funny, I waited so long to start my blog and now I wish I had started sooner! You all are great!
    I'll definately do a post for you in the next day (or so, you know when I remember) and link to you!
    Thanks Again!

  3. I dig the sarcasm lady. I have already added her to my blog roll. Go Tracy!