Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Managing Your MS in Hot Weather

As I pass by the hall thermostat, I check to see how warm or cold it may be inside and outside the house. During the summer months, if the outside temperature approaches 90°F, I feel a twinge of sadness. Why? Hot weather, humidity, multiple sclerosis, and I do not play well together.

Impaired body temperature regulation

People with MS may have difficulty regulating body temperature due to impaired neural control of autonomic and endocrine (hormonal) functions. This means that the part of the brain that senses core body temperature and tries to keep it in balance at about 98.6°F doesn’t work as effectively as it should. Some people with MS may even have a naturally low core body temperature which in turn exacerbates their sensitivity to heat. At a recent medical visit, my body temperature clocked in at 95.9°F which means that a “normal” body temperature would represent a fever for me.

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