Thursday, April 28, 2016

Benefits of Walking Downhill with MS

It’s common knowledge that walking is good for your health. Walking on flat ground, walking in water, walking/marching in place, walking up and down the stairs. If you can do it, it’s all good. But not all forms of walking are created equal or offer the same benefits. Using a treadmill to walk on a slope just may help you to improve muscle performance, functional activity, and balance control if you live with multiple sclerosis (MS).

MS is a disease of the central nervous system that can impair mobility when symptoms affect sensory and motor function. Weakness, numbness, fatigue, balance problems are all symptoms of MS that interfere with mobility, stability, and quality of life. Neurological rehabilitation, exercise therapy, strength training, and conditioning are important interventions to help people with MS stay strong and active.

What is the effect of uphill or downhill walking on MS?

To investigate the specific effects of uphill and downhill walking exercise on mobility, functional activities, and muscle strength in MS patients, researchers at the Neuromuscular Rehabilitation Research Center at Semnan University of Medical Sciences conducted a study in 34 people with MS (aged 18-50, diagnosed with RRMS, have some difficulty walking, but able to walk 10 meters in less than 10 minutes with or without a cane).

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Walking Downhill Helps to Improve MS Symptoms

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