Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Remembering Events in Life Based on Health Status

In looking back on things that have happened over the years. Some may say that “life happened” as it tends to happen for most anybody as the years go on. In our lives, it’s more accurate to say that “sickness happened.”

It seems clear in retrospect that the relentless onset of MS and RA over the course of 18 months, following five years of fluctuating symptoms (such as temporary blindness, heavy legs, painful feet/ankles, achy hands, etc), changed the course of my life irrevocably. Things began to be neglected.

There’s a virtual wall between how I was able to manage life pre-MS versus post-MS. It wasn’t until my mom and I were talking about things around the house that I realized - and truly and honestly acknowledged - that life has become punctuated by health events.

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Life Punctuated by Health and Sickness

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