Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Self-Pay Discount Offered by Hospital Patient Billing Department

A recent experience with the local hospital following a round of Rituxan treatment demonstrated that the local hospital has put in place patient-friendly policies.

During the conversation with patient billing, I learned that the $9,186 charge for a single Rituxan infusion had been reduced since the system had incorrectly designated my account as self-pay. The discount was a whooping 50 percent!!

If I were a patient who truly did not have health insurance, this would be great. To get a discount without having to ask or negotiate for it. How amazing is that?!

I’m glad that I do have insurance coverage and that the drug company will pick up my share of the cost for the drug portion of the treatment. But it's nice to know that my hospital has put policies in place that help patients obtain and pay for treatment. Check with you hospital to see if they offer similar discounts—it could make a real difference!

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Hospital Offers Self-Pay Discount to Patients

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