Monday, June 15, 2015

Gadolinium Can Cause Troublesome Side-Effects

Reported by ProPublica, patients who have undergone MRI with contrast have been experiencing concerning side-effects, such as cognitive effects. It is known that patients with impaired kidney function who are unable to excrete gadolinium should avoid contrast agents. However, three recent studies reveal that even patients with healthy kidneys are retaining traces of gadolinium, a potentially toxic metal, in different parts of the body.

Of the nine gadolinium-based contrast agents sold in the US, Omniscan and Magnevist are the ones causing problems. Radiologists are encouraged to change their prescribing habits, rather than stop using contrast agents because of their proven benefits to patients.

In a statement, an FDA spokesperson said the agency is “carefully reviewing” the new studies to “better understand the potential consequences to determine what further action is needed, which may include taking steps to ensure the public is aware of these preliminary findings.”

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