Sunday, December 15, 2013

Improving MS Through Rehabilitation

Patients diagnosed with any form of MS may experience a variety of symptoms, several of which can interfere with everyday living.  Symptoms might affect strength, mobility, balance, gait, agility, cognitive function, speech, and functions taken for granted such as swallowing.  Rehabilitative therapies can help to counteract some of these symptoms and address very specific patient needs.

Rehabilitation specialists work with patients to help maximize physical abilities, function effectively at work and at home, learn strategies to compensate for symptoms and challenges, increase patient safety and independence, and promote general health and well-being.  To gain most benefit from rehabilitative therapy, patients must take an active role in following the treatment plan prescribed and guided by therapists.  Common rehabilitative strategies used in MS include the following:

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Effectiveness of Rehabilitation for Improving Multiple Sclerosis

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