Thursday, November 28, 2013

Positive Focus Learned in Studying Music

During graduate school, I studied with a number of horn professors, each of whom had their own style of performing and teaching.  Some were very positive and nurturing and others were rather demanding (and loud).  Certainly the kinder, gentler teachers were less frightening, but did they actually push me hard enough to be my best.  Without the luxury of having contrasting and complementary experiences, I would not be the person/performer/teacher I am today.

In my own style of teaching, I try to blend the best of my experiences and cater to the needs of each child.  One of my goals is to provide each student with the necessary tools to measure his/her own progress and to learn how to be self-nurturing and self-demanding at home.  Each student becomes his/her own teacher.

Sometimes I think that life teaches us lessons and, although it may be uncomfortable or awkward at times, these lessons help to shape the way we function in the world.  When someone asks you how you are doing, really doing, what types of things are the first ones which come to mind?  Do you focus on the positive or the negative initially?  My gut reaction is often to focus on what is “wrong” in a situation.  It takes practice to focus on the positive first.

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