Monday, November 12, 2012

Leading a Double Life

Last week, I spent a few days discussing important health and patient issues with a group of inspiring patient leaders representing a wide variety of disease states and communities.  Although none of us had the same disease, we discovered that we had similarities and overlap in our experiences and philosophies.  

As we each contributed to the conversation, several of us would preface our responses with our own personal experiences or those we’ve observed in our communities.  I found myself frequently saying things such as:
  • “As an MS blogger…”
  • “Within the RA community, I see…” 
  • “As a person living with chronic illness, I….”
On the trip home, I realize that not once did I say, “As a musician living with MS or RA, my experience is…”

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Arts in Health: My Dual Life as a Musician

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  1. There is a book Strong at the Broken Places about a group of people with chronic conditions. At the end, there was an invitation for readers to join an on-line forum. I was a member of that forum for years until it shut down. The longest thread was thousands of posts long, and it was titled "How are you doing today?" Some of us still email regularly with updates on our lives. The cool part is how much we had in common across very different medical conditions.