Monday, November 19, 2012

Broken Bones and MS

A recent study confirms that patients with multiple sclerosis have an increased risk of fractures and broken bones.  Researchers analyzed hospital records and death certificates using an English national linked Hospital Episode Statistics (HES) database covering the population of England of about 50 million people during the years 1999-2010.

In this English study, patients with MS had an overall 99% increased risk of fracture as compared to the reference group (Ramagopalan, 2012).  This exceeds the results of previously published studies which investigated the risk of fracture in patients with MS.

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Increased Risk of Fracture in MS Patients


  1. I'm not terribly surprised at the results, even the lower chance of bone breaks in the first year. In my first year, I was hyper aware of every change in my body. I also spent time in a hospital where they try very hard to prevent falls. After the first year, we are less scared, but we still have increasing symptoms which could lead to falls. Heck, this year I have developed fleeting blindness after exercise. I have come close to falling many times, but 7 years riding on the MS monster coaster has made me less fearful/careful than I was in the beginning.

  2. I experienced a stress fracture on my left ankle two years ago. This week I have a cracked bone in my right foot. I tripped last weekend and that is the results. I'm thankful that I can walk wearing a boot for 2 weeks.