Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Getting Caught Up...

and then I look to see what task needs to be tackled next.  Unless you want to find 20+ free, downloadable, published, peer-reviewed clinical studies in pdf form, I suggest that you do not google rheumatoid arthritis and physical activity.  LOL. 

Student performances are complete for this spring season.  Young musicians did a great job on the Annual Mother's Day Recital.  Family and friends made up a wonderful audience. As the kids get older each year, I notice that they eat less and less cake.  Reminder to self - must purchase smaller cake next year!!

I'm so glad that MS and RA have not prevented me from being able to continue teaching and inspiring students.  Amazing to realize that I've known many of these young adults since they were in kindergarten (or even younger).  Should I feel old?  Nah.

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