Saturday, May 19, 2012

Do you share the positive?

I know that when I share personal concerns related to MS, I get more feedback than when I post positive things about life.  Maybe it’s that we all want to help each other when one of our community members is hurting, scared, or looking for information.

Last month I wrote about increased anxiety which was interfering with my daily life.  I even researched issues surrounding anxiety and arthritis to share with the RA community since the topic was on my mind.  In a way, I used news and published studies to reframe my own experience.

On a personal note, I visited with my MS nurse practitioner and together we decided to adjust my medications.  I’d like to report that I’ve experienced a huge improvement in symptoms and things are mostly back to normal, just in time to spend seven days traveling next week.  Also, today is Day #1 of ten days during which I will not be teaching any music lessons.  This is finally my “spring break.”  Yahoo.

Read this post in its entirety:

Life with MS: It's okay to be okay!! A Gratitude Friday Post


  1. I like your positive post....nice to read

  2. Awesome post! I am soooo happy you are on an upswing. I am on a downswing (probably my own doing) , feeling jazzy I over did it big time. I'm trying to find my balance! Hugs, love and light sent your way! Thank you for being a voice of truth.

  3. Thanks Kim and Olivia!

    It's really nice to be doing well. Feeling jazzy is even better. ;) I kinda overdid it myself today in traveling up to NJ for a short conference and coming back to DC/VA. Very long day but I should keep well tonight. Just in time to hop on a plane tomorrow to fly over the ocean. That's certainly and good reason to feel positive.

    Big hugs to each of you!