Friday, March 16, 2012

What's orange, green, purple and blue?

Eight years ago on the last Thursday of March, I visited my primary care doctor and complained that my “hands didn’t feel right.”  I was worried that I might be developing lupus like my mother.  He ran some blood tests.  Results: ANA was negative, RF was 5.3, TSH was 3.2, and SED rate was 31.  I was fine, he said.  Three years later, I would eventually be diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.

Four years ago on the third Tuesday of March, two of my beautiful cats, Musette and Pippin, were born in the home of one of my piano students.  However, I was busy fighting a major MS relapse which was taking away the strength in my legs.  I could not rise from a seated position without some serious pushing and pulling.  My thighs were simply spectators.  My SED rate was 20 and my C-reactive protein was the highest it’s ever been at 13.  I was definitely much too aware of my MS at that time.

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March Madness, MS Awareness, and Medical Anniversaries


  1. Hello dear...thank you for openly sharing your story! I love your writing. Tommorow I go tho the big fancy neuro...not sure what to expect, hope I like you think it would be rude to bring a welcome basket for my new neuro of sandpaper to rub on his feet, a bottle of wine for him to drink, ten pound weights for his ankle and a zanaflex to take. Just in case he acts like what is happening to my body is no big deal. Hope your day is lovely

  2. Hey Olivia,

    This was the comment that had me laughing out loud. Glad to have read that your visit went well.