Monday, March 12, 2012

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The National MS Society has created a new website/forum/social network/community called for people affected by multiple sclerosis.  The doors opened this weekend just in time for MS Awareness Week. 

You may remember that I've been advising the Society regarding their presence in the MS community online.  In 2009, I was the only MS patient invited to join the Social Online Advisory Group.  I have freely volunteered my advice and expressed the concerns we discuss frequently in our communities online.

One subject which was discussed at that time was the need for an MS community or forum which would be a safe place for MSers to go to connect with other MSers.  A place to access accurate and timely information and a place to help each other and find unconditional support.  Although other organizations have active forums, I believed that there was still room online for one more.

Last summer the Society enlarged our group and hosted an Online Community Summit for which they invited a number of MS patients representing other established MS communities online.  It was fabulous to sit in a meeting where half the attendees live with MS.  At that time, we again discussed the potential need for a new forum.

I had a chance to check out before the official launch.  I believe that it has huge potential.  It's flexible enough to be used in many different ways.  You can create and join groups.  Participate in discussions.  Create, read, and comment on "blogs."  And private message members.

Come find me and say a little howdy -

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  1. I registered, Lisa. It may take me awhile to get a homepage update, but at least I'm in the system!