Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Pentagon Bound

On my way to the Pentagon to witness my mother's retirement ceremony.  Hope to have good pictures to show later.  :)


  1. Lisa, sorry for just dumping this in the comments (I tried to email you a couple of days ago with a heads-up) but I thought you might like to know that today there's huge news about MS: a paper in the Quarterly Review of Biology, "Multiple Sclerosis is Not a Disease of the Immune System," by Dr. Angelique Corthals.

    It argues that MS isn't an autoimmune problem at all: it's a metabolic disorder, not unlike atherosclerosis.

    Corthals' lab at John Jay has a press release here.

    But Corthals is answering questions live on my blog--where I've posted a more detailed précis of the science.

    Thanks for all the work you do, and your honesty about living with MS and RA. I was diagnosed in 1993 and this paper is the first, the very first, I've seen with an elegant, convincing, coherent explanation of the pathogenesis and etiology of the disease. It's a true paradigm shift.

  2. Addendum to that comment: I've just heard that the journal has been delayed until Friday. But I have a copy of the paper I'm permitted to distribute via email (but I can't post it on my blog).

    I'd be happy to do that for those who'd rather not wait.