Monday, December 12, 2011

Do you think you should change treatments?

As soon as you were diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, you had many decisions to make. One of those was whether to use a disease-modifying drug and, subsequently, which one to use. You did your research, talked to friends and family, read online forums, and worked with your neurologist to choose an appropriate treatment plan which was right for you.

That treatment plan may have included a disease-modifying drug. What was the purpose of that drug? To slow the progression of the disease, to reduce lesions, and to limit the number of relapses you might have. Together, successful achievement of these goals hopefully prevent you from accumulating physical disability while you are on this MS journey.

But how do you know if the medication is working? MS is such an unpredictable disease with many natural ups and downs that it can be difficult to know if the medication is making a difference.

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When to Consider Changing Treatments


  1. I hope everyone does their research before changing treatments. I will always listen to what my neuro has to say, but ultimately I know what will work best for me.

  2. I went through Betaseron, developed complications, changed to Copaxone, had a chemical burn and my Neuro said never again...

    He will not prescribe anything, saying for me, all the DMD's are too risky.