Thursday, August 25, 2011

Remember When...

I used to talk on the phone, like, all the time with my friends.

I wore the most hideous glasses and my aunt permed my hair.

I used to always have a cat in my arms.  Meet Smokey.  Not much has changed.

I would multi-task.  Again with the phone.  Nowadays it's a computer.

I drove the family "bug."

Portable music meant getting a "tiny" boombox.

Over-achieving was just an everyday part of life.  Sharing valedictorian honors with friends.

As was music.  Playing in the orchestra at the Oklahoma Summer Arts Institute.

I attended my best friend's high school graduation (one year behind my own) with my boyfriend at the time.  They married almost 23 years later.

And if I wasn't holding a cat, I was holding a horn.  Woodwind quintet at the University of Oklahoma.

This trip down memory lane is prompted by a trip back home to attend my 25th high school reunion.  Go Midwest City Bombers!!
I'll be back early next week.


  1. How fun! Enjoy your reunion and have a safe trip, Lisa :-)

  2. Thanks for sharing the trip down memory lane. Loved it! Hope your reunion is a blast.

  3. Reunions can be tricky. Sounds like yours was a blast!