Tuesday, August 23, 2011

5.9 Earthquake in Virginia

Wow!!  Just experienced a REAL earthquake here in Northern Virginia.  Walls shook, pictures fell, lamps broke, doors to small cabinets open, and two cats still hiding 1.5 hours later.  I've lost a few knick-knacks and plates, but things are fine.

Quite a bit different than the 4.5 earthquake 2003 which I would not have noticed if I had not been sitting at the piano.  During the rumbles then I saw my hand bouncing up and down and knew that it wasn't me. 

This quake seemed to be loud and I thought it was an explosion at first, except that it kept going and going.  Time to clean up the broken glass (and jade, and wooden figures, etc).

Wonder when I will see those two scared kitty-cats.  Musette on the other hand can't seem to get enough pets, she's all over me.  :)


  1. I'm glad you are okay, Lisa, thanks for reporting. Of all the bloggers I've read so far, you are the closest to the epicenter.

  2. A little excitement is good for you, don't you think?

  3. Excitement is good. But I still have a cat hiding/missing. He missed supper. Really hoping that he didn't get hit, hurt, or trapped.

    Cat #1 was out immediately. Cat #2 came out of hiding after two hours. Really hoping to see Cat #3 before the morning.

  4. Ah, finally, only 9.5 hours later Pippin peaks out briefly before crawling back into his hiding place (a new one to me).

  5. Glad you and your cats are fine. But do you get the impression Earth is restless? What a year!