Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What is Jaccoud's Arthropathy?

Known as chronic post-rheumatic polyarthrosis and described by a French clinician in 1869, this type of arthritis somewhat resembles rheumatoid arthritis..  Joint deformities are primarily in the hands, characterized by muscle atrophy, severe ulnar deviation and flexion at the big knuckle (or metacarpal-phalangeal) joints.  

Rheumatic fever is an inflammatory disease affecting connective tissues throughout the body, specifically involving the heart, joints, brain, and skin.  It can develop after infection with the streptococcus bacteria which causes strep throat and scarlet fever.  Rheumatic fever is no longer common in the United States, but it is the leading cause of rheumatic heart disease throughout the world.

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Chronic Post-Rheumatic Polyarthrosis: What is Jaccoud's Arthropathy?

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