Monday, May 2, 2011

Marbles for MS: 5-yr old Connor raised more than $5000

Young Connor Grossman did it!! Congratulations!

Five-year-old Connor of Marbles4MS exceeded his goal of raising $5000 for the NMSS, nearly reaching $6000 buy selling his beautiful paintings which are made with marbles, paint, and a cigar box.  This is just the beginning for Marbles for MS.

Connor and his family have developed tremendous momentum and will continue raising funds for the National MS Society, a patient advocacy group which supports research into the cause and treatment of MS.

The Grossman family has many reasons to want to cure MS.  Connor's mother Annette was diagnosed with MS after Connor was born.  By coincidence, MS runs in Connor's father's family with his sister, aunt and some cousins all diagnosed with MS.

Connor's paintings which are made by dipping marbles into paint, dropping them on a piece of paper in the bottom of a cigar box, and shaking generously, remind me a bit of American artist Jackson Pollock.

I've ordered four of Connor's signed paintings and am looking forward to seeing what he has created.  I highly recommend that you read the following articles and watch the accompanying videos.  You will learn about why Connor has created Marbles4MS and I trust you will become as inspired as I have by his talent and vision.

Media Coverage:

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