Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Provigil and Nephews

Hi Guys,

This going to be a very brief post/email of sorts.  I've been visiting my brother and his family back home.  We are having a WONDERFUL time!!  And I have taken advantage of something in my "tool belt" to assist with being fully-functioning.

Let me backup just a bit.  I had a neuro appointment on Dec 16.  During that visit I did mention that my fatigue levels were creeping back up.  Now, it's not the "I'm so completely non-functioning that I can't even get up from being horizontal on the couch or be able to carry on a conversation" fatigue.  I haven't felt THAT fatigue for about a year (since I started Rituxan).

There's also been improvement in the "I walk for a few blocks and really can't feel my legs/hips, and if I push forward, my legs will magically become 50 lb concrete blocks (each) ...and if I ignore THAT and keep going, I'll be running into walls, people, things and tripping over my own feet" since changing medications.  (It might not be the medication; it could be normal improvement of a symptom which has plagued me for years now; seems too coincidental; doesn't really matter."

So my neuro nurse suggested that I try the Provigil again.  I still have a small supply (which is probably expired) and recall the H... it was to obtain that at the time.  I didn't ask for a new prescription.

On the day of flight travel out here, I took half of one.  I felt normal.  Next day another half.  I did ok.  Well, I yesterday I was dragging before I ever really woke up so I took a whole one.  Within an hour (I'm guessing cause I wasn't looking at the clock), I was able to feel alert and could interact with the boys.  Thank goodness.

Today, I'm going to take a full one again.  Not worried so much about being up too late tonight cause I'm the one who has been ready to hit the sack before any of the male occupants of the house.  I wonder how these kids can have so much energy...it's exciting and exhausting.  But I'm having great fun!!

So thank you, pharma, for helping me to enjoy the holidays with my family.  I also want to thank the morning fairy for waking me up at 8am sharp (or earlier) each morning too.  I haven't been such a slug on this visit.  :-)



  1. You describe the fatigue well! I call my legs "concrete legs". Resting is good, helps you have fun!

  2. Hey Lisa...I am a completely worthless if I don't take a half a nuvigil a day...sometimes I'll take the other half later in the day if I know we are going to be out in the evening...rare...but if I take a whole one...it is like six cups of coffee...WOW! It doesn't give me the energy to do that much around the house, or walk very far, but at least I am alert and can do a few things if I space out tasks throughout the day. I'm glad this is helping you to enjoy your visit:)

  3. Hi Lisa, glad the provigil is helping you. Happy New Year!
    PS - I am connected with WEGO now.

  4. Happy New Year Lisa!

    I am glad the Provigil works for you and you were able to enjoy your Holiday.

    I stopped Provigil because it kept me up for days. I have been taking a half of Phentermine and the energy I feel from that has been better for me than Provigil or the other drug (I cannot think of it now). My primary care doctor prescribed the Phentermine for me and I plan to ask my Neuro this month if she can prescribe Phentermine. I know it is a drug used for weight loss, however, it is the best drug I have used for fatigue since I have been living with MS.