Sunday, December 5, 2010

Fishing for Cats

"Claws and Paws and Teeth and Jaws!!"

That's the phrase the Rob came up with in describing the "little guys" at play. It makes me laugh each time I think, and even more strongly when I hear Rob say it with enthusiasm.

In case you are wondering, the little guys are our three feline companions. These furbabies each have their own personality, but when it's time to chase and attack objects, they are surprisingly similar. That is until playtime is over.

There is one little one who likes to get possessive of her toys. Musette takes claim and often makes it clear to whom an object belongs as evidenced by the weighting down of the "lure toy" as seen below.

Wonder if any fishies kitties will bite?


  1. we have 3 kitties as well. And yes each definitely have their own personality. Ruby, the calico, is older and doesn't really play - she's above it, but you can rub her and she will purr, until she's had enough, then she will turn and try to bite a chunk of your hand/arm. or will hiss and spit. if she uses her paws you can bet the claws will be out.
    ziggy is a lover, he's a tiger much like your Musette. He will play very gentle, paws no claws, even the vet has commented on how gentle he can be. If he's had enough he will nip at you - put his teeth on your hand but not bite, saying, ok stop now, or i will bite next time...
    sonny is a maine coone, looks like a lion, we call him our cowardly lion. is afraid of his shadow, is almost 7 but still acts like a kitten clumsy, still learning, awkward. he bats at things with his huge paws and looks so inept, poor guy.