Monday, October 26, 2009

MS Central Question of the Week

Welcome to the final week of October!! The one in which young ghouls and goblins plan their festive activities, while the rest of us try not to eat all of the candy before the parade of Tricks and Treats come along.

(or maybe that's just me, Undecided )

In honor of Halloween, I'd like to know.....

What would be your perfect MS costume?

Or rather, what costume or character best fits your current MS symptoms?

Last year, I would have been Frankstein's Monster as iconically portrayed by Boris Karloff in 1931. I'm convinced that the monster had a bad case of spasticity.

This year, I'm more of a surfer-dudette who finds herself making quick adjustments (complete with flailing arms) while trying to ride that imbalance wave to shore.

So what character is your MS playing this year?

Come answer at MS HealthCentral.


  1. I would be the ballerina dancing Swan Lake, undulating my arms as I walked down the street en pointe.


  2. To clarify, that is my MS defiance costume. I don't mean it in the tragic sense in which Odette commits suicide in Swan Lake. It is simply that Odette's movement of her arms and legs has always struck me as one of the most beautiful dance sequences I've ever seen. That it precedes her death is an irony not lost on me, but it was not my intention to exalt suicide in my Halloween costume, only beauty, albeit a haunted one.

  3. I'll be Snoopy. Cool Snoopy in shades. Yeah. Smooth.

  4. Judy, I like the image you have wielded to express lifting outside of your MS body. Of course I have the music playing in my mind while visualizing your ballerina.

    Diane, cool. (I would place an exclamation point after that, but then again, that might not be cool.)