Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Five Weeks Sick and Counting

I have been sick in one form or another for five weeks now. At first it was a cold (where I haven't had one in so very long) for two full weeks which turned into bronchitis. I finally went to my PCP when the phlegm become a really gross opaque color and I couldn't even think about talking without causing a coughing fit. Antibiotics took care of the crude and narcotics took care of the cough.

Then, my rheumatologist insisted on my getting another pneumonia vaccine in preparation for using Rituxan. My body got a little confused and thought it was sick again. A week later, I finally located a place which had a new shipment of seasonal flu vaccine. Coincidentally they also had just received the H1N1 flu vaccine which my rheumatologist also insisted upon. So I got more shots last Wednesday, and once again my body thought that it was sick.

Unforunately, the cold virus which must have been hanging around in there somewhere got all excited and settled in for another round. This past Saturday I finally reached the point of "I want my Mommy!" Unfortunately, my Mom is sick too after getting her shots last Thursday.

A pseudoexacerbation appeared on the scene, a situation I decided to blog and vlog about for the new website. It's kinda funny. My connection there commented to me today - I just read your blog and was thinking "I've never heard someone sound so happy that something is 'pseudo'".

Thanks Stefan, yes pseudo in the MS world is a good thing....although it can still suck.

Fortunately, I'm in much less of a whiny mood and am feeling better. Seriously, five weeks and counting of being ill is getting to be a drag.


  1. I am a little jealous of your H1N1 vaccine. Take care of yourself and hopefully you get good drugs.

  2. Yeah, agreed, 5 weeks is too long. I always thought "Now I have MS, so I don't need to worry about other sickness." hahahahaha Yeah, right, WRONG!

  3. Nina, I lucked out with the H1N1 vaccine. It happened to be the first day which they were available in my area and I was at the CVS Minute Clinic. The county health department ran out of their supply in that same day. I have avoided calling the doctor for more of the "good stuff" cough syrup. But I might break down and call.

    Diane, agreed. I certainly wish that we were exempt, but alas, no.

  4. Bet you have what I've nad, the Wild Boar Flu. So much worse than swine flu. It does start improving after five weeks, after you have the day of the sore ear and the day of smelling everything.

  5. Aw, I feel for you, this week was the beginning of a cold for me too, managed to get to work on monday, didn't feel too bad, but on tuesday I felt worse. At that time I had the opportunity to get the H1N1 vaccine, and I thought I might as well take it as my doctor also insisted I take it, and now I really feel like s**t, but I'll survive, as I always do.

    This time my son didn't get a cold before me, so he's at daycare during the day, while I try to do my work from home, thanks to a very good boss!

    Hope you have started getting alot better!


    // Dennis

  6. Queen, you better start feeling better soon. OK?

    Dennis, so sorry to hear you are getting sick as well. I haven't wanted to associated the vaccine with the "cold" which followed. Might just be coincidence, but a very good one at that.

    So glad that your boss is flexible and hope that you feel better soon.

    Good news is that I woke up feeling better today!! Still coughing, but better.