Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Secondary Sexual Dysfunction in MEN and WOMEN with MS

In multiple sclerosis, the incidence of fatigue, muscle tightness or spasms, bladder and bowel dysfunction, and pain, burning, or other discomfort can have adverse effects on the experience of sexual activity. The interference of these symptoms with sexual function can often be alleviated by taking an aggressive approach to symptom management.

Many sexual problems produced by MS symptoms or MS treatments can be managed with the help of your medical team.

§ Pain can be controlled with medications.
§ Spasticity can be reduced with medication, cold packs, and stretching or massage.
§ Fatigue can be alleviated through energy conservation and, in some cases, with medication. Making love at times when the partner with MS is most energetic (usually the morning) will also help.
§ Alternative sexual positioning can help with both spasticity and weakness. Using pillows for support or trying the side positions can relieve discomfort.
§ Catheters can be secured during sex. Your doctor or nurse can show you the best way.
§ Medication side effects may be minimized by taking medications at a different time of day or by changing the timing of sexual activity. You might also consult your doctor about switching to medications with fewer sexual side effects.

Please talk to your medical team so that you can eliminate the secondary problems which interfere with your primary sexual function and quality of life.

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Secondary Sexual Dysfunction in Multiple Sclerosis


  1. Although I am not getting any action these days post breakup with the boyfriend, I am a firm believer in saving spoons for making love. If you adhere to the philosophy that people with MS (and other chronic illnesses) have a limited amount of "spoons" or energy each day, you can make sure you conserve them for sex. When my boyfriend was coming over at night I would try to take it easy during the day. If we were going out and I was sleeping over on a Saturday night, I would make sure that I took a nap during the day.
    Lazy J

  2. I thought I should post a coment. I am a man with MS and some of the sexual dysfunction that has been written about here. I'm just glad that someone had the courage to talk about it. I don't most of the time.