Friday, February 6, 2009

New MS Bloggers on the Block

Please welcome these bloggers who are living with multiple sclerosis. Some of the blogs are brand new (ie. tinglyfeeling), some I've been reading for a while but forgot to mention, and some I just recently stumbled upon.

Tingly Feeling - Adventures in Multiple Sclerosis

Just Call Me Grace - Anne

Beyond It All - Carla

The Adventures of Emma Lucille - Jenny (mother of a young one)

Caring and Sharing - Morton

The Wheel of Fortuna - Steve and BobRobert

Paul’s Quest for Brain Health

Stuff Could Always Be Worse - Kimberly

Latte Buddies - Kerri

My Weight Loss Journey - Katie
Fighting Multiple Sclerosis and the Monsters Within

Thank you readers for helping me to foster a welcoming MS Blogger Community for us all.


  1. Welcome to your new MS bloggers. We seem to be such a great community of MSer's.

  2. Lisa,

    You are the thread that weaves MSer's together…welcome new MS bloggers

  3. hi Lisa,

    Thanks for dropping by.

    I am doing well. Some interesting things have happened. I applied for disability last spring during a particularly difficult episode. A few weeks ago, the insurance company ok'd it. So I will be working part-time from here on and I'm very happy about that. it will give me the time to take care of myself the way I need to, and to practice the piano :-).

    I have been doing a nutritional plan for the past 6 months that has been a great benefit as far as energy and congnitive stuff goes. I can't say enough good things about it. I wish I could teach a program to every MS patient and every neurologist to help them understand. I've done far better on the diet than on Tysabri. I am still on Tysabri but considering a break. I am behind on blogville - haven't been keeping up but will catch up.

  4. SaaaaaLUTE!

    (**now, do I dare steal these blogs from Lisa's site and add them to my own? Will she notice? Will she care? Am I talking to myself again?**)