Thursday, May 15, 2008

I'm Expecting...

NO, I'm not with child.

This Saturday I will be delivered two kittens, a brother/sister pair, from one of my gentle piano students. The little girl kitten is a striped calico with intense color and a mostly-tan face. The little boy kitten was the runt of the litter and is solid dark gray (almost black) with the brightest blue eyes.

I've been trying to think of names but so far nothing is coming to mind. I may just give it some time and let their personalities speak to me.

It has been almost 20 years since I've cared for kittens, much less trained them in proper kitty behavior. This is going to be an exciting new journey.

If you have any suggestions on names, please leave a comment below.


  1. The two cats I had years ago were Fido and Rover, though I had considered Spot for Fido because of his Marilyn Monroe-like beauty mark on his face.


  2. Tristan, Klaus, Arthur, Capote, Jazzy, Flute

  3. I'm partial to simple rhyming names like Pixie and Dixie.

  4. Congrats on the new kittens coming in. Fortunately cats litter train quickly.

    I would use a water spritzer to train them early on to stay off the counter. I never did and I always have to chase our cat off.

    have fun with them.

    I left you a message on IHM 4. :)

  5. :( ...

    Not expecting? Shucks .. perhaps bubbie can loan you one!

  6. Aw! Kittens :) I hope you post pictures when you get them. ^^

  7. They sound like clones of my pair. I have Big Kitty (who is 2 1/2 yrs., huge and nearly black) and Little Kitty (who is 9 months, brightly calico, and smaller).

    As you can ascertain, we are not good at naming pets. At least it was a step up from numbering them like John wanted to do.

    Big Kitty came first and had to relearn his name when given the adjective. He's the Cat Formerly Known As Kitty.

    May they bring you sunshine and joy. I know mine do. :-) (well, unless it's nesting season, but that's another story.)

  8. Lets hope you don't end up nicknaming then "Hitler" & "Mussolini or "Stalin" and "Mao"

    Here's to them not treating you like "the help" :-)

    Mine, Aixe-La-Chapelle a.k.a Ixie, is a Maine Coon and it just hates to be petted.

    When its fur get matted, I hear about it in no uncertain terms, ("high pitched meow") but it won't let me brush it.

    Hope yours treat you with some respect. :-)

  9. Love my cats too! When you get a chance, pop over to my other new site and give some feedback!